CEO MESSAGE | THE WEINA :: Shanghai Weina Cosmetics Co.,Ltd


WEINA as a TOTAL BEAUTY company strives for excellence。



Thank you for your kind and continuing patronage towards Shanghai WEINA Cosmetics Co., Ltd..


WEINA, as an independent company specialized in beauty and cosmetics, has been in China for more than 16years. With your utmost support and trust, we have successfully accomplished our mission to share our knowledge and skills on beauty and cosmetics with our customers in China.


Faced with rapidly changing market environment, we are still striving for excellence, furthering our mission to include the overall wellbeingof our customers. WEINA will continue to make an unwavering commitment to the perfect customer satisfaction and happiness.


The beauty industry across the globe has recently come to require multi-faceted approaches to meet the evolving consumer demands embracing a wide range of issues. Today, beauty care is not confined to a concern over a person's outlook or appearance, but needs to deal with multiple aspects of human desire that must touch on such concepts as body-mind balance and well-aging.


We believe the new concept of Total Beauty is not just the latest craze but a big trend to continue.


WEINA will keep an eye into the future while adapting to the market changes. We will continue to exchange ideas with our partners in Korea and abroad. We believe that our success depends on the customer satisfaction. In face with varying needs of consumers, we will make our best efforts to provide the most reliable products.


We will not live up to the expectations of our customers. We accept all your precious suggestions, and will make every effort to become a future-oriented and truly customer-oriented company.