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WEINA Awarded at Asia Beauty Festival

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WEINA Cosmetics Co., Ltd., a Shanghai-based Korean cosmetics manufacturing and distribution company, was awarded on Thursday for its excellence in product and service quality at the Asia Beauty Festival held at Olympic Park Hall in Seoul, Korea. One of the company's main brands, BENETIFUL, was recognized as the best skin care brand by a group of judges and awarded with the grand prize. 
Asia Beauty Festival is a regional beauty event where cross-cultural communications and exchanges are taking place. WEINA Cosmetics Co., Ltd., an independent Korean cosmetics company, has been in China since 2003 and has acquired reputation as one of the most successful Korean companies in China. 
WEINA's president and CEO Lee Sun-yong said, "We have so far been lucky. We are now facing with new demands and challenges in the market. We are striving to meet the varying expectations while moving towards a total beauty concept that places an emphasis on such terms as spa and wellness."

[Source: Korea Economic Daily-04/24/2015 & others. Adapted and translated.]